Quality Traffic Solutions – Traffic Surveys, Counts and Analysis

Quality Traffic Solutions – Traffic Surveys, Counts and Analysis

We, at Somniate Solutions – Traffic Survey Company are a team of traffic professionals involved in Traffic SurveysTraffic Data Analysis, and Traffic Counts activities. Or we can say that, We’re Traffic surveys company which provides various services involves in Traffic domain with accurate information for analysis and provides several reports upon the demand by client. Somniate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been established 7 year back with a team of highly energetic, workaholic traffic engineers.

We, at Somniate Solutions offer various Traffic Count Services. Few of them are listed below:

Link Count Survey

Turning Count Survey

Intersection Count Survey

Bus Occupancy Survey

Vehicle Occupancy Survey

Cycle Movement Survey

Pedestrian Survey

Registration Plate Survey

Saturation Flow Rate

Tracking Survey etc.

Want to collaborate with us, just drop a mail to [email protected]. Our Business executive will guide you how Somniate Solutions can help your organization to meet Traffic and Transportation Survey’s needs. We are India’s fastest growing Traffic Surveys and Analysis Company with 120+ traffic professionals working for multiple countries like USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, Australia, India etc.

Apart from that we’re installing Traffic Camera, Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) Camera.

We are highly capability of providing full assistance with intelligent transportation, parking management, security, communications, and integrated systems in traffic management. We use latest traffic technologies to deliver our clients with clear, accurate and easy to read data summaries on time. To impart high quality traffic engineering services to effectively meet all the needs of our clients.

Till now, our team has successfully completed more than 5000+ projects with thousands of hours of video to our clients. We offer 99% plus data accuracy on all types of projects within your expected turnaround time.

For Queries, please mail to – [email protected]

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