How Somniate Solutions Helps in the Pandemic Situation

How Somniate Solutions Helps in the Pandemic Situation

This is a difficult time for many types of businesses, with many companies hiring employees on furloughs and even unpaid leave. Small and independent businesses, in particular, have a hard time learning to adapt to the current climate. If your business is experiencing disruption due to COVID-19, we may be able to assist you.

While the marketing budget may not be so important during a global outbreak, it is important that you are bale to maintain something in general. It is also important that you are able to keep in touch with your customers during this challenging time. With so many people around the world now almost at home 24/7, the Internet has never been more important in providing information and services.

However, doing so costs money and is appreciated that the money is probably not running as freely as it was a month ago. Internet giants Google and Facebook have started from here.

How Google & Facebook Helps in the Pandemic Situation

Help for small businessmen

Small businesses make up a large percentage of the world’s economy and they are actually the backbone of many communities. With this in mind, Google and Facebook are offering help for small and medium businesses to keep the workforce strong and cover operating costs.

It can be a lifeline for businesses, and even a little financial support can go a long way. At a time where businesses may face closure and revenue declines, assistance from global technology companies may provide an additional boost.


Google wants to help reduce the costs involved in keeping in touch with its customers through successful Google advertising campaigns. They are giving $ 340 million in add credit to SMEs worldwide, which could be used by the end of 2020. Credit will work on Google advertising platforms including search, display and YouTube.

Advertising credits are available for small and medium businesses that have active accounts from early 2019, as long as they advertise directly through Google or partners. Those who are eligible can start seeing credit notification in their account in the coming months.

This support from Google can ensure that your Google advertising strategies can continue and reduce the disruption in your business during these difficult times.

Facebook Small Business Program

Facebook for Business has launched a similar program to ensure that businesses can maintain some level of generality and keep your online presence active. Facebook has launched a small business grant program, offering $ 100 million in cash grants and advertising credits.

This grant program is being offered to approximately 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries. It can help your business with many aspects for your digital marketing efforts, subsidizing the cost of online advertising.

The program is still being finalized with applications opening in the coming weeks. At a time when social media is playing a role in keeping people entertained and engaged, it can be a game-changing proposition for your business.

How Somniate Solutions Helps in the Pandemic Situation

Find Your Traffic Survey and Digital Marketing Partner

At Somniate Solutions, we can help you get the most out of your advertising spend, no matter how big or small your budget. Our team includes experts who have previously worked at Google, which means we can provide industry expertise and provide the right advice for your business.

Also during this pandemic situation, we are providing the Traffic Survey Service at our end. We all know this is bit difficult now a days but we are providing the services with very affordable price.

Therefore, COVID-19 alone should not have to deal with crisis. If you are looking for some additional support to keep your Traffic Survey Work & Digital Marketing campaigns running, contact us today. Our team is working from home and is ready to chat over the phone or email!

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