Turning Movement Counts Survey (TMC)

TMC’s are generally used to determine whether the intersection needs a traffic light. Equations are used to decide whether the volume of the traffic determines that a light is needed. This equation is based on the road classification, entering speed and pedestrian/bicyclist movement through the intersection. This means that TMC’s are the only present option for quantifying traffic flows.

This type of survey are used where the vehicles flow from 3 or more origins and there relative destinations. We can undertake all types of Turning Counts. Sometimes these analyses may have to use different set up of videos to increase the accuracy of the count. Data can recorded in quarterly or hourly periods. The time periods and Vehicle Classifications can vary depending upon the requirement of client’s.

*These surveys sometimes need a different type of analysis which is known as “Tracking of Vehicles” which have Mentioned in Detail in our Tracking Page.